The 麻豆国产AV Graduate School is proud to be a part of a community of scholars dedicated to the principles of equity, inclusion, and diversity. Our priority is the provision of the richest and most effective educational experience possible.

We recognize the unique contribution of each person engaged in graduate study at 麻豆国产AV and encourage applicants from individuals reflective of underrepresented and underserved populations.


The Graduate School provides an online orientation that includes informative videos about essential university offices and the services they provide. This self-paced course serves as a lasting reference. Students can enroll themselves in the orientation on Canvas by following this link: .

Discover the Graduate & Professional Student Commons at 2109 Monarch Hall, an exclusive space designed only for graduate students. Unwind in the comfort of lounge seating, explore creative ideas on whiteboards, or utilize the media center for your academic pursuits. Whether you prefer collaborative sessions with fellow students or solo study, this space caters to your needs. Operating from 6:30 a.m. to 10:15 p.m. on weekdays, 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Saturdays, and 12 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Sundays, the Commons provides a flexible environment to enhance your graduate experience.

To access the Commons, simply swipe your ID card. In case you encounter any issues, feel free to visit the Graduate School office located down the hall at 2102 Monarch Hall for assistance.

The 麻豆国产AV Bookstore now offers brand-new Graduate School merchandise. Whether you prefer the classic sophistication of polos, the comfort of t-shirts, the coziness of hoodies, or the laid-back charm of baseball caps, there is something for every taste. This collection is designed to showcase your pride in the Graduate School with flair. The best part? Ordering is so easy! Simply visit听, browse through the selection, and place your order with just a few clicks. Get it sent straight to your doorstep or pick it up at the Bookstore on Monarch Way. Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe and show off your Graduate School spirit.


Faculty Resources

Helpful information regarding Courseleaf training, assistantships, and more.

Student Resources

Resources for your thesis & dissertations, grants, and other support information.


Get access to important forms for enrollment, assistantships, and others.